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My Short Bio

I'm in north Louisiana and I'm a student. I enjoy alot of different things such as, sketching, working on computers, reading, listening to music, watching intense horror flicks, playing with my lil girl, and day dreaming. :)

I was raised pentecostal...via UPC. Yes, the long hair, long skirts, no makeup, no movies, no life outside of church type. I tried HARD to understand and like it all, but eventually I realized that I was buying into a big sham and I was getting hurt over & over again by "Ministry". These were people who were SUPPOSEDLY supposed to be next to "god" and all "above" us lowly saints. Well, turns out that these were the biggest creeps of all of them! Sooooo...I guess around 2005 or maybe a bit earlier I began to slowly question it all...wondering if it was all for real and stuff. Well, in 2007 I began to REALLY research and "soul search" and all that jazz and came to the decision that I was an atheist. That was the happiest day of my life! I have now found REAL joy and happiness and I can actually see the beauty in life. I'm not kidding...I'm a new person now! Before, I was a very depressed and dark person.

When you realize that this life is all you have and there is no after tend to live alot differently! I appreciate every day that I wake up and I hope to instill that in my child.


Fav Music

Sean Kingston
Marilyn Manson
The Cliks
Melissa Etheridge
80's music
Leona Lewis
Sheryl Crow
Third Eye Blind
Indigo Girls
John Mayer
Jennifer Lopez
Kate Voegele
Cold War Kids
Tegan & Sarah
The Organ
Uh Huh Her
Vampire Weekend

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    Have a Fantastic week end and a Happy Valentine's Day!!image
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    Taco Fred

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    That was one killer show.
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    Taco Fred

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    I love the new avatar.


    Reply from Looking4truth:

    Thanks! I just love Seinfeld! :)
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    You just drip color!!!!! What a cool personal area!!!


    Reply from Looking4truth:

    Thanks! :)
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    Thanks for the welcome. I tried to apply for the Freethinkers forum but I must have messed it up. I will try again but that'll have to wait until next week--no internet at home right now and such limited playtime at work. I look forward to chatting with you and it's probably best I do switch to that forum. I don't want to offend anyone, such nice people here.
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    Reply from Looking4truth:

    The freethinker's board is not something you have switch is in addition to the other board. And to apply you simply send an email saying that you agree to the terms and rules and state clearly that you are not a hardcore christian or pentecostal. Email Tim (Boustro) or Bootsiebabe. They are the ones to give access. You will notice that if you click on "freethinkers union", it will ask for a password. Well, once you have been given access it will will just be able to click and see the posts as you do in the Asuza Street forum.

    I frequent both boards and keep my stronger opinions about atheism, humanism, etc on the freethinker's board so that I do not offend christians. But still...I do not post my VERY strong opinions at all...I save those for my blog... (

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